You can find former and actual builds here. Most of them are unique custom builds, based on customers vision and wishes. 
Feel free to contact me  with any question or idea for your personal signature guitar.
Of course you also can order based on any model. Just let´s start the dialogue and the ideas will flow and end up in a beautiful instrument.

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thats me

Welcome to decision guitars.
I am Jens Barkholz. Owner and Luthier . As a guitarist I have grown up with wide range of musical influences from Mike Oldfield, Saga, Pink Floyd to Dire Straits and many more.  

After becoming a precision mechanic I gained experience through a lot of jobs based in Toolmaking, CAD-CAM, Construction and Design, Development, Management. All of these skills I acquired enabled me to begin building guitars. I learned so much about creativity, consequent implementation and concentration. 

What I enjoy most is that building guitars combines a lot of hobbys I have enjoyed such as sketching, airbrush, woodworking, and of course playing guitar. 

How do I work in case of unique custom visions ?    starting from customers first sketch...

Using CAD to create your vision. During the design process the wood selection is also done. The slanted 7string PUs are custom, too. When all is fixed and approved by the customer the build will start.

all parts are manufactured by decision guitars, including the Pickup parts (bookmatched burl cover), the knobs and the killswitch (matching wood). Find the killswitch ?

pretty close to the customers vision. Check out more in the video collecion

controls and killswitch, one of a kind.



from vision to decision. 

Converting your vision into a beautiful instrument.
 I want to offer you the design and build of your vision. Collecting ideas and wishes to transform it in sketches, construction and the build.
 Which music is your choice ? Which wood ? Finish ? Pickups ? Hardware ?  With all these facts we develope an integrated concept.
 There is a privat area for customers, so it`s possible to exchange ideas, sketches, facts and, of course, actual pictures from the workshop of your instrument. 

One of a kind concepts

I think every guitar lover has his / her own dream guitar in mind. But often times we think that they might look different in the final result.
 This is where luthiers are a step above industrial builders. We offer freedom in decision, freedom of design, freedom to design your ideas.
 Custom is not just a guitar with different knobs or colors to choose from. Custom is what YOU decide !


To bring the designs to life I mostly use common tools like planes, chisels, carving files and blades. Beside these I use a small bandsaw, a drilling-machine and of course a router.

I also use a CNC machine for details and fretboards.
 To combine modern technology with traditional craftmanship, there are multiple options like laser engraving, 3D printed Titanium parts.
 There are many ways to build your dream guitar. Remember that is all your decision.

shaping tools

flat controls

detailed inlay

bass neck

special inlay "mjölnir"

shaping time

keep it clean and simple

custom knob design