nebula burl multiscale


Nebula burl is one of my first builds and seems to be very popular (dont mess with poplar here :-) ). Pictures of nebula spread wide in the net. But here is home of nebula.
An uncompromising design, based on perfect position of the pickups, straight strings on the headstock and a very ergonomic handshaped body. Pickups are custom made, but not exchangeable.

I would change some things nowadays, but nebula burl is still one of my favourites.
Look at this stained burl !
A reference for what is possible when you think outside the box.


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  • 24 frets, multiscale  24,5"-27"
  • 6 strings, Dàddario NYXL 10-46
  • single bridges ABM 3210b, black
  • body red alder
  • top bookmatched poplar burl with flames, anything else ?
  • neck 5ply walnut, maple, wenge
  • dual action trussrod
  • fretboard purpleheart with 4ply binding
  • fretmarker perloid
  • nut custom made from 1860s piano key
  • Pickup custom made, matching purpleheart cover
  • Tuner Schaller M6 locking, black
  • volume CTS-500
  • tone CTS-500
  • 5-way-blade switch Eyb Megaswitch EL0075
  • carved top
  • control knobs custom, matching wood
  • killswitch Sanwa, black
  • lacquer clear gloss

Customizable features

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Wood selection
Pickup selection 
color/ theme/ inlays
for more special wishes just send a request
Any idea or special wish, just let me know...

Price & Shipping

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Price is depending on final specifications.
As seen on picture the price is 6.100 EUR, incl. Guitarcase
Shipping: to be defined based on your location 


detail body view

control section


upper horn area

custom slanted pickup set, matching wood

fretmarker and multiply-binding

cutting purpleheart, the name should be purplereallyhard

custom knobs, matching wood

shaping the body

natural look

on the workbench