Eldur was build parallel to mjölnir. In fact two customers asked for nearly the same guitar. The shape is nearly the same, just some smooth changes here and there.
The bridge, tuner and nut is the same.
But the tone is way different.
The wood selection and the pickups showing deep effect. 

Specification Eldur

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  • 24 frets  24,7"
  • 6 strings, Dàddario NYXL 10-46
  • bridge graphtech ResoMax NV2 Autolock, chrome
  • tailpiece graphtech ResoMax NV Tailpiece, chrome
  • body mahogany
  • mahogany set neck
  • dual action trussrod
  • carbon fibre rods
  • fretboard indian rosewood
  • fretmarker maple
  • nut graphtech TUSQ
  • Pickup Set Kloppmann HB59LC
  • graphtech ratio tuner, locking, chrome
  • volume Göldo 500k log
  • tone Göldo 500k log
  • balance Göldo true panorama, 500k log / or toggle switch
  • carved top
  • secure knob warwick lock set, chrome
  • lacquer clear gloss

Specification Eldur Pro

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  • top bookmatched quilted maple
  • top headstock, matching wood
  • stained colour 

Specification Eldur deLuxe

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  • control knobs custom resin design, matching wood
  • fretboard binding

Customizable features

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Wood selection
Pickup selection 
color/ theme/ inlays
for more special wishes just send a request
Any idea or special wish, just let me know...

Price & Shipping

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Price is depending on final specifications.

Eldur: 5.400 EUR
Eldur Pro: 5.900 EUR
Eldur deLuxe: 6.100 EUR  (as shown on pictures)
each incl. Guitarcase
Shipping: to be defined based on your location 

front view

back view



control section with balance poti, custom knobs

clean wiring inside...

shaping the body

measure twice